Just a simple question, or how open source should work

This cheap nba jerseys morning I asked a simple question ‘Did you make progress with some adjustments to some nice har nerdy stuff?’ ‘Yes he did’ said somebody else, but ‘his work needs review’, said another. ‘But why don’t cheap nfl jerseys you help us and test and review it?’repositorySynchroniser

As all I was considering to make the adjustments myself, and already investigated it a little I said ‘alright I’ll try it’. The changes were made in the same file I was planning to make the adjustments, so that looked cheap nfl jerseys good. Unfortunately the adjustments where not correct. So I reported it back. And of course I got the reaction: ‘Well fix it’…

I know the problem, I know the solution. Alright I’ll fix it. That did not cost me that much time, however how to test if it works after your changed it. If you know how to do it, it is easy, but if you don’t….. (basically it was performing `ant`, wholesale mlb jerseys remove the original solution, extract a zip to the proper location running and restart for the server), reporting: that took me some time. And yes it seems to work. But how to send the nice nerdy adjustments to the original developers…

Also if you know how to do it…. (basically it was forking the repo of the person who adjusted the nerdy stuff, cheap nba jerseys make adjustments, send pull request to original developer).

Hooray!!! I contributed to an open source project. And a while later: Wow they are able to mobilize others to improve their program. Well done Pentaho and good choice Jaap-André


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