IATI identifier (IATI reporting: It’ all about identifiers)

The IATI identifier should be the key to the informationOne of the identifier in выборе the IATI Standard is the activity identifier called It’s IATI wholesale NFL jerseys identifier. It identifies an activity. It is useful because multiple reporting organisations could report about the same activity. By referencing to the activity of another reporting organisation, you could match these reports and determin how for instance the money flows.

According wholesale NBA jerseys to the guidelines, it should:

  • exist
  • be unique
  • start with the identifier of the reporting organisation
How good or bad is the use of the IATI identifier

At this moment (actually yesterday), we were able to import 429,675 activities from 226 reporting organisations (some cheap NFL jerseys files are Mallorca not valid/doesn’t exist/were not g_bus_own_name连接总线失败 downloadable, see also http://bjwebb.github.io/IATI-Dashboard/index.html).

  • 4866 Top activities don’t have an identifier
  • 73125 activities don’t have an unique identifier
  • 206198 activities have an identifier which does not  start with the reporting organisation identifier
  • This combined: 213843 activities (about 50%) has an iati identifier which matches the guidelines (and 215832 who don’t)

Remarkable is that 4829 activities doesn’t have a reporting organisation identifier.

How many reporting organisations are good

170 of 226 reporting organisations have correct activity identifiers.  So 56 organisations doesn’t.

However these results are worse. Marks I assume the reporting organisation identifier is valid. Which is not always true. But that is for another post.


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  1. update 14 march:
    Since we have a large increase of activities, new numbers:
    15250 has no identifier
    123088 has no uniq identifier
    402652 has an identifier which does not start with reporting organisation identifier
    214370 are valid
    525740 are not valid

    So we have only a slight increase in valid iati identifiers and a large increase of invalid identifiers. Most of them, because they do not start with the reporting organisation identifier

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